9 Estonia puiestee
Tallinn, Harju County, 10143

Ramen & Sushi restoran Tallinnas. Pakume tõelisi ja traditsioonilisi Jaapani maitseid.

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Tokumaru Tallinn Central Station

Tokumaru has exciting news – we are now open at a brand new Tallinn Central Station foodcourt. Our new takeaway offers the best selection of Japanese cuisine to grab with you on the go or enjoy at the spot. Yakisoba, ramen, sushi, don, poke bowls and other pearls of Japnese cuisine are among our selection. Several delicious dishes are also available in vegan versions. 

Tallinn Central Station foodcourt is open: Mon–Fri  9 am–8 pm, Sun 9 am–6 pm

Tokumaru's kitchen is open: Mon–Sat 11 am – 7 pm and Sun 11 am–5 pm

Call us +372 5688 1999 or write bjt@tokumaru.ee.